Then the design is screen printed in reverse print order onto paper with an adhesive applied to the back of the transfer. These adhesives make the heat transfer be able to apply to cotton, polyester, cotton-poly and other technical fabrics with excellent durability. Screen printing is proven technology that has been around for a very long time. The first images screen printed onto fabric took place over 1,800 years ago in China! Screen print heat transfers weren’t invented until the 1960s. Instead of traditionally screen printing directly onto apparel, screen print transfers are first printed onto a transfer paper using the same plastisol ink.

  • He is also the host of the Computer Man Show!
  • This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.
  • Images with smaller dimensions have smaller file sizes.

And the price is about the same ($10.00 difference, I think). I just bought a couple of UV-5R radios and I’m trying to program them with CHIRP. Perform Step 3A to adjust the number of channels, you’ll need to set this to 60 or 61. Remember where you downloaded this file to (Desktop?). To proceed, click under the Duplex column for frequency you want to disable TX.

You can do a lot more with software but default settings should be fine. The ‘Y’ cable enables you to power up the FR10 (since your phone/Android device generally won’t do that). Then the other end of the ‘Y’ cable connects via the OTG adapter to allow access to the data side of things. Trainingpeaks is flash based,and jelly bean dosnt support it. You can’t upload files from the mobile site. Even when I was running ice cream sandwich on my tablet I couldn’t upload files to their site.have you actually done it Ray?

How do I unzip a zip file in CMD?

Stacy is a professional technology educator with over 25 years’ experience. She has published hundreds of articles, co-authored a book, and has appeared on national and local TV. If you do not have a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip installed, you will not be Rocketdrivers able to open the file. Locate the ZIP file you want to extract. If you’ve downloaded it as an attachment from an email, you may find it in the “Download” folder.

How is a file associated with a program?

I have found a similar post on stackoverflow, but failed to figure out how to cope with my case. But when I tried to use the write.csv, if I use excel to open the data file, the Chinese part of the data is not correct for the output test.csv, see the figure below for details. By default for example, retrieval of a CSV output for the chinese language via Cognos Connection ends up in a UTF-16LE encoding format. In the past a simple UTF-8 encoding was enough, but with multi byte characters as Chinese Language characters can be, other issues start to appear for the Output generated. Using the software SDK API , the designer is responsible to select the correct Character Encoding for the output generation.

Something that should be simple is now a multi-step process. Read on to see how MPP files are created, and how to open this file extension to access important project data. The file extension is a three-letter code appearing at the end of the file name. If you have opened documents or checked pictures, you may notice these letters.


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